Friday, 30 March 2012

Music Video

Week 14

My poster has been completed and im glad with my final version of it. This is because it helps link them all together. Plus I think that it really helps advertising the band and the music video. I am glad with the final product becasue I liked the look of the front cover on my digi-pack and it looks better when its just that by itslef.

Week 13

I have finished my digi-pack and have moved onto the poster. I am happy with my final product of the digi-pack, i feel it helps link the band and the music video. I think that it could have been improved slightly, but im still happy with my final prouct.

Week 12

We have finished editing and have uploaded our music video to youtube. We are now working on digi-packs and posters to help complete our coursework. I have almost finished my digi-pack, there a few panels that need to have adjustments. I have not found any ideas as a poster, but i know that it needs to link to my digi-pack and music video.